Frequently asked questions

What kind of device do I need for Video Counseling?

Video counseling can be done with computer, cellphone, or tablet. All devices should have camera and microphone capability.

​How does the Video Counseling process work?

The first step is to schedule an appointment. You can do this by going to the Schedule Online tab.  Be sure to give us your email address.  Also include any insurance information you will use (Insurance ID# with date of birth) or the EAP company name, if you will be utilizing your workplace benefits.  Feel free to contact us with any question or concerns that you cannot find answers to on this website.

Before your session time, you will receive email instructions about how to connect to your session and some e-paperwork. Please follow the instructions, it is an easy process. 

 Do you have split-screen capability?

Yes, if there are multiple people wanting to be seen but are in different locations we can use a split screen. All parties can be in the session at the same time from different locations. This can be especially useful in couples counseling if there is a separation or one person is travelling.

 Is there anything else I should know about Video Counseling?

The computer system we will be using is secure and confidential, however you should ensure that your own environment is also confidential, such as being in a private place, or using headset with microphone if needed.

 What are your rates?

Self-pay rate is $120 per 50-60 minute session. If an EAP program referred you, there is no fee while covered with EAP sessions. 

Self-Pay:  Individuals will be prompted to make payment before the session.

Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Optum/United Healthcare commercial insurances accepted.

Medicaid (Centennial Care) Insurance plans accepted:


    • Blue Cross / Blue Shield

    • Presbyterian

    • Western Sky

 Workplace Benefit (EAP - Employee Assistance Program): I can accept many EAP workplace benefits.        

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